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I am ClubScientific co-founder, Sue Hagan. In 1972, at a very young age, I became a 'motherless daughter' when my mother, Shelby Jean, died at age 33 after routine surgery.

I had two younger sisters and our lives were turned upside down for many years to follow. Our father suddenly became a single parent and had the tremendous task of raising three little girls by himself.

My mother had always worked, so not only did my father have the enormous task of being both mother and father to us, he had to bear the financial hardships as well. Dad worked many long hard hours so we could stay in our home and have what we needed to be as happy and healthy as possible, but there was very little room in our budget for many extras.

Many parents find themselves in situations like my dad, where they simply cannot afford the extras -- like sending their child to summer camp. This year the need is even greater with our economy slowing down and so many people struggling to hang on to their homes or jobs.

The purpose of the Shelby Jean Scholarship is to honor my mother by providing ClubScientific Camp Scholarships for children who live in homes that are experiencing financial hardship. Our goal at ClubScientific is to make sure that children, regardless of their economic situation have an opportunity to attend one of our 24 themed, fun filled science day camps this year.

We want ALL children to realize that "Science was never this much fun!"

Peace and Joy,

In memory of Shelby Jean Swift

All camps, except for the Robotics, Chef Scientific and Deep Space Camps are available for the Shelby Jean Scholarship.

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All applications are confidential.

Applications must be submitted to ClubScientific prior to April 1, 2013

Scholarships are subject to availability.

We require that you answer ALL questions completely.

All applications will receive a response by email.